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January-February 2015
Volume: 4 Number: 1
Articles: 6

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Sharing Ideas and Expertise in 2015
pg. 2
Maximize HbA1c Testing and Diabetes Control
pg. 6
Expanding the Molecular Laboratory
pg. 12
T-SPOT.TB from Oxford Immunotec
pg. 14
Proper Temperature Monitoring Practices in the Clinical Lab
pg. 18
New & Noteworthy
New & Noteworthy

MoFlo Astrios EQ from Beckman Coulter Life Services is a six-way, jet-in-air sorter with enhanced dual forward scatter (eFSC) technology for simultaneous ... read more

Randox\'s Acusera Liquid Assayed Chemistry Premium Plus is a multi-analyte control that contains 100 of the most commonly used analytes in routine medical ... read more

Title21 Health Solutions announces an electronic data management system that enables cellular therapy environments, transplant centers, and cord blood ... read more

Fio Corporation is adapting its Fionet solution to connect rapid diagnostics and data in the fight against Ebola. By integrating intelligent mobile devices ... read more

The US Food and Drug Administration granted Alere, Inc a CLIA waiver for the Alere i influenza A & B test, a molecular test that detects and differentiates ... read more

Psyche Systems Corporation released NucleoLIS, a molecular information management solution. The system helps streamline the diagnostically diverse complexities ... read more

The American College of Physicians\' (ACP) Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE) service is now offering test modules in blood lead and scabies (PPM) testing. ... read more

Eurotrol\'s Hypoxic QC is ideal for lowering the reportable range of pO2 down to as low as 15 mmHg on any blood gas analyzer. The buffered hemoglobin matrix ... read more

AUDIT MicroControls, Inc announces additions to its line of calibration verification/linearity and daily quality control products: Vitamin D Linearity ... read more

Medicus Health\'s Lab Sample Locking Security Drop Box stores and secures large-volume lab specimens for retrieval. Lab samples are deposited via the 12-inch ... read more

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