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Pravin Mishra
Facility: Intermountain Precision Genomics
Position: Director of the Research and Development Center
Last Updated 06/08/2017
Pravin J. Mishra, MS, PhD, is director of the Research and Development Center at Intermountain Precision Genomics, part of Intermountain Healthcare, where he oversees laboratory operations and leads discovery and innovation efforts in precision medicine and oncology. Pravin earned his PhD in molecular medicine and oncology from George Washington University and has developed subject expertise in oncology, stem cells, cancer genomics, drug discovery, and developmental therapeutics. His research efforts at NIH led to the discovery of signature biomarkers that can predict late-stage melanoma patient survival and he has published several key findings in cancer, genomics, and wound healing, including a highly cited study of mesenchymal stem cells’ role in tumor growth. Pravin is the recipient of the National Cancer Institute Director’s Award, awarded by Nobel Award-winner Dr. Harold Varmus.

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