Chemistry Workflow Automation System
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The DxA 5000 Fit from Beckman Coulter is designed for laboratories with space constraints, yet its scalability allows it to easily expand to accommodate growing workloads. Delivering a combination of rapid and consistent turnaround times along with a comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality assessment, the system promotes efficiency gains by joining automated pre- and post-analytical sample processing with connected chemistry and immunoassay analyzers. To maximize the capability of laboratory staff, the system automates many of the manual steps that are typically performed before and after analysis, helping to streamline diagnostic workflows while promoting a safe and engaging work environment. The DxA 5000 Fit can be combined with a centrifuge and be connected to up to four of the following Beckman Coulter clinical chemistry/immunoassay instruments: Dxl 600, DxI 800, DxC 700 AU, and AU 5800.

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