MCO-230AICUVL-PA Cell-IQ Series Incubator

The Cell-IQ Series MCO-230AICUVL-PA is a large capacity (8.1 cubic feet), high throughput cell culture incubator for culturing or protocols that may require the use of an apparatus. It is designed for demanding and regulated applications in clinical laboratory applications. To prevent contamination, the incubators employ an inCu-saFe (copper-enriched stainless steel) interior chamber, the SafeCell UV lamp system, and an H2O2 decontamination system. The patented direct heat and air jacket system, dual beam infrared sensor, SafeCell UV, and inCu-saFe work together to ensure precise temperature, CO2 levels, and contamination control, respectively, to help achieve a precise and repeatable environment. The system has the ability to accommodate live-cell analysis as well as orbital shakers and other agitation devices.

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