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UN-Series Automated Urinalysis Solution
Urinalysis Analyzers

The Sysmex UN-Series Automated Urinalysis Solution delivers urine chemistry strip testing, particle analysis by flow cytometry, and digital particle imaging in one configurable line. The system allows for reduced manual microscopy, enabling laboratory professionals to focus on other tasks. With its integrated quality control management system, scalability, and walk-away functionality, a variety of solutions are available to meet the needs of any laboratory.

As part of Sysmex’s offerings, the Siemens CLINITEK Novus automated urine chemistry analyzer combines dry-pad urine chemistry technology and a cassette test format. The Sysmex UF-5000 fully automated urine particle analyzer provides proven fluorescence flow technology for accurate results and flagging, and the UD-10 digital imaging device allows automatic review of abnormal samples. The Urinalysis Data Manager (UDM) with BeyondCare Quality Monitor for Urinalysis enables laboratories to better manage quality data and proactively monitor the health and accuracy of the lab’s analyzers.

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