PHCbi Brand MPR-N200H-PA Refrigerator

The PHCbi brand MPR-N200H-PA refrigerator is designed to deliver precise temperature control and uniformity for biologics, reagents, and vaccine storage. Engineered to prohibit inadvertent freezing of temperature sensitive items, the unit can help hospitals meet storage guidelines. The glass door is insulated to prevent condensation and an optional blackout panel provides protection for light-sensitive products. ENERGY STAR certified, it uses energy-saving, environmentally friendly, natural hydrocarbon refrigerants, which help achieve facility sustainability objectives without compromising cooling performance, ambient tolerance, andrecovery speeds following door openings.

The MPR-N200H-PA refrigerator uses a proprietary inverter compressor algorithm (ICA) that modulates the compressor motor speed according to temperature need, enabling the unit to produce less heat and noise, and consume less energy. With a slim design, it requires a standard electrical outlet for easy installation in tight spaces. Four adjustable shelves provide increased storage flexibility.

  • PHC Corporation of North America

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