Microfuge 20 and 20R microcentrifuges from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences are efficient, easy to use, and designed to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of laboratory applications. Paired with Microfuge series rotors, the compact instruments provide flexibility as well as reliable and precise performance while occupying a small footprint. Processes include: nucleic acid and protein preparation; pelleting, extractions, purifications, concentrations, phase separations, and receptor binding; and rapid sedimentation of protein precipitates, particulates, and cell debris. Entry and recall of up to ten user-defined programs is facilitated by the interface and saves setup time for common protocols. Samples can be processed at speeds up to 15,000 rpm (20,627 x g) in the Microfuge 20, as well as in the 20R (a refrigerated version with a temperature range of -10 to 40°C). Fixed angle rotors are made of polypropylene or aluminum and offer capacities of 24 or 36 microcentrifuge tubes or four PCR tube strips. A motorized lid lock simplifies the loading and unloading process.

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