Chemical Packing and Management
Waste Disposal

Clean Harbors' CleanPack Services offer economically and environmentally sound disposal options for laboratory chemical waste. The services' staff of professionally trained chemists are skilled in chemical recognition and handling, and collect, label, and package lab pack wastes in compliance with local, state, provincial, and federal regulations. All lab pack waste can be removed from the site the day it is packaged, unless prohibited by law. Clean Harbors storage and disposal facilities accept and process lab packed chemicals, and are capable of reclamation, fuels blending, high-temperature incineration, aqueous treatment, and secure chemical landfill disposal. Clean Harbors offers a wide variety of services to both large- and small-quantity generators, including lab packing, environmental management software, unknown chemical disposal, compressed gas cylinder management and disposal, reactive materials handling, laboratory moves, and CustomPack.

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