Centrifuge Rotor

Designed for applications that use common, disposable conical tubes, JA-14.50 rotors from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences can be used in Avanti J-26S, J-30I, and J-E centrifuges. While greater capacity results in higher throughput, the rotors are capable of spinning 50, 15, 5, and 1.5 mL conical tubes, and 50, 15, and 10 mL round bottom tubes and bottles at their maximum speeds. Delivering a top speed of 14,000 rpm and rcf of 35,000 x g, the rotors can hold up to 16 x 50 mL conical tubes. The fixed-angle rotor is intended for general pelleting of cells and bacteria; separating proteins, viruses, and subcellular fractions; running concentrators and columns; and for phase separation and binding studies. Avanti rotors have a unique ID that is tracked using magnetic sensors; the centrifugation system uses the ID for automatic rotor identification and to ensure that no individual rotor exceeds the maximum speed permitted.

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