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Cell Sorter Sorts and Detects Simultaneously
Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
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MoFlo Astrios EQ from Beckman Coulter Life Services is a six-way, jet-in-air sorter with enhanced dual forward scatter (eFSC) technology for simultaneous sorting and detection of particles from 200 nm to 30 μm in diameter. The instrument features detailed and precise forward scatter resolution, beadless drop sample handling, and increased biosafety. A broad standard laser palette provides more wavelength choices than are found in most standard cuvette-based systems, and the dual eFSC permits measurement of scatter characteristics across three orders of magnitude simultaneously. The system allows researchers to work with a range of biological samples, analyzing and sorting cells from microsomes to macrophages and from astrocytes to xenografts. Non-biological applications include agarose gel droplets, gold nanoparticles, and environmental particulates. Single-cell applications include circulating tumor cells, drug discovery, rare event analysis, stem and neuronal cells, and ecological and physiological microbes.

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Entry published in MLM January-February 2015