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December 2020

Reagent Reservoirs

INTEGRA Biosciences Corp

INTEGRA Biosciences offers a range of reagent reservoirs to support a breadth of applications, including its new 12-well reagent reservoir. Using multichannel pipettes in combination with reagent reservoirs can streamline assay workflow and optimize reproducibility and productivity. Each section is designed to hold up to 3 mL of liquid and comes with a patented SureFlo anti-sealing array—a series of tiny channels on the bottom of the reservoir. This mitigates the risk of pipette tips creating a seal or vacuum, which can lead to cross-contamination, reduced pipetting accuracy, and increased pipette maintenance. Combined with a specially formulated hydrophilic surface treatment to prevent liquids from pooling, the reservoirs are designed to offer the low dead volumes, reducing waste of reagents and low-volume samples.

Integra Biosciences

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