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July/August 2021

Liquid Stable Reference Materials

Verichem Laboratories, Inc

Verichem Laboratories offers a selection of ready-to-use, liquid stable CO2 reference materials. The five-level standard kit, along with the optional Level F, is intended for calibration and/or calibration verification of clinical systems and is suited for use with both ion selective electrode (ISE) and wet testing methodologies. All materials meet the necessary CLIA requirements with known values in the determination of a clinical system’s accuracy, sensitivity, linearity, and reportable range. Further, the materials offer universal compatibility with a variety of clinical testing systems on the market. The complete six-level set of materials encompasses a definitive offering of CO2 reference standards, as concentration levels range from 5.0 mmol/L up to 50.0 mmol/L. They are packaged in ready-to-use, translucent polyethylene dropper vials, with a 15.0 mL fill of each concentration level.

  • Verichem Laboratories, Inc
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