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December 2021

Next Generation Sequencing

PerkinElmer Inc

The HIVETM scRNAseq Solution is launched as a collaborative effort between Honeycomb Biotechnologies and PerkinElmer. The system offers single-cell isolation and analysis, which allows the capture, storage, and study of fragile cell types, such as granulocytes (white blood cells), nephrons, and neurons. The HIVE solution features a portable, handheld device and requires no specialized instrumentation. Benefits include integrated sample capture and preservation, enabling laboratorians to collect samples from multiple sites and preserve sample integrity during storage, shipping, and processing at a central testing lab; capacity for larger sample volumes, using gravity to gently load volumes of up to 4 mL; and broad potential applications. By preserving the sample at time of collection, the system maintains the full diversity of cells in a sample.

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