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January 2022

NGS Assay

Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Ion Torrent Oncomine Myeloid Assay GX v2 from Thermo Fisher is an NGS assay for myeloid samples that provides results in one day, using the Torrent Genexus System. As the list of myeloid biomarkers continues to grow, rapid and streamlined solutions are needed to analyze complex and heterogeneous myeloid malignancy samples. This expanded panel profiles key biomarkers for all major myeloid disorders, enabling simultaneous profiling of 45 genes (DNA) and 30 fusion drivers (RNA) covering more than 700 unique fusions. The assay is optimized to reliably detect a wide range of variants, including challenging-to-sequence targets such as FLT3-ITD, CALR, and CEBPA. The updates for this version include additional DNA and RNA targets, improved sequencing of key GC-rich regions, the ability to run the RNA and DNA panels separately, and optimized, rapid specimen-to-report.

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