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January 2022

Cloud-Based Direct-to-Consumer Portal

LigoLab Information Systems

The TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal from LigoLab now supports SMART Health Cards, digital versions of clinical information that can be immediately and easily displayed via a QR code to indicate a patient’s vaccine status or negative test result for COVID-19. The portal is supported by a network of laboratories and first care facilities that have collected, processed, and reported over 13 million cases to date. As a cloud-based system, it eliminates bottlenecks by replacing paper forms and manual processes with automation that supports the collection and processing of specimens, the creation and delivery of reports, and the management of both payment and compliance, all while delivering an improved user experience. The SMART Health Card acts as a third-party verification tool, and the TestDirectly integration enables patients to obtain and share their lab results and vaccination records via a QR code to satisfy any state or country requirements without putting the patient’s health privacy at risk. The system integrates with all LIS and RCM systems and is designed to simplify the ordering, collection, and testing of specimen samples, plus patient reporting.

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