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January 2023

Chemistry Analyzer

Mindray North America

The BS-480 chemistry analyzer from Mindray is an FDA-cleared, mid- to high-volume chemistry platform with a conventional software design and an easy-to-navigate interface for a positive laboratory user experience. The test menu includes general chemistries, electrolytes, and drugs of abuse, serving the needs of most clinical laboratories and hospitals. The BS-480 is a random-access analyzer with 400 tests per hour (up to 560 tests per hour with ISE) throughput. The analyzer has built-in automatic liquid-level sense, clot, and bubble detection, and automatic probe collision recovery. With an auto-start function and software-driven maintenance procedures, the system has a minimal analyzer start up time. It allows assays with up to 4 reagent components to be analyzed and the bidirectional interface transmission works with most major LIS providers.

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