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January 2023

Animal-Free Enzymes

Worthington Biochemical Corporation

Worthington is a primary producer of ISO9001-certified purified enzymes, proteins, and nucleic acids for diagnostic applications, medical lab research, and regenerative medicine under GMP guidelines. Products feature animal-free (AF) nucleases, including DNases, RNases A, T1 and T2, proteases, and collagenases. These enzymes are devoid of animal-based components to prevent potential contamination from mammalian pathogens such as BSE/TSE prions and contaminating viruses. New products include: STEMxyme 1 and 2, Animal-Free Collagenase/Neutral Protease Blends, Animal-Free Collagenase (CLSAFA, AFB, AFC), DNase, and Recombinant RNase A, T1, and T2.

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