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March 2023

High-resolution Holotomography Microscope

Tomocube, Inc

The holotomography (HT) platform HT-X1 from Tomocube uses a conventional single-beam LED instead of a laser light source to illuminate samples. Using various beam patterns specifically designed to retrieve the refractive index, the device captures a sequence of holograms from different positions. This single-beam technique is designed to simplify the imaging process by eliminating the need for background calibration and allowing imaging in confluent samples without an increase in light intensity or invasive treatment for labeling. It provides mechanical stability and less sensitivity to speckle noise for high-contrast imaging with a lateral resolution of 156 nm. An all-in-one system, the HT-X1 does not require complex calibration procedures and can accommodate multi-well plate formats.

  • Tomocube, Inc
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