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May 2023

Next-Generation Sequencing


Tecan has partnered with Singular Genomics to use the turnkey MagicPrep next-generation sequencing (NGS) system to create sequencing-ready libraries for the G4 Sequencing Platform. The agreement will bring together Tecan’s expertise in laboratory automation, genomics, and bioinformatics with Singular Genomics’ accurate sequencing technology with the goal of simplifying processes in the lab. MagicPrep NGS draws on Tecan’s experience in liquid handling and NGS, employing its proprietary chemistries and reagents to deliver walkway preparation of NGS libraries. In collaboration with Singular Genomics, these features will now become available to G4 sequencing users, allowing for conversion of MagicPrep NGS libraries into G4-ready samples using Singular Genomics adapters. The results aim to be comparable to those obtained by traditional methods, reaffirming the compatibility of MagicPrep NGS and the G4 Sequencing Platform.

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