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May 2023

Animal-Free Enzymes

Worthington Biochemical Corporation

Worthington is an ISO9001 certified primary producer of purified enzymes, proteins, and nucleic acids for medical lab research, regenerative medicine, and diagnostic applications under GMP guidelines. Products comprise animal-free (AF) nucleases including DNases, RNases A, T1 and T2, proteases, and collagenases. These enzymes are devoid of animal-based components, preventing potential contamination from mammalian pathogens such as BSE/TSE prions and contaminating viruses. New products offered are STEMxyme 1 and 2, AF Collagenase/Neutral Protease Blends; and AF Collagenase (CLSAFA, AFB, AFC) DNase, Recombinant RNase A, T1, T2.

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