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May 2023

Handheld Indicator for Data Logging


Vaisala presents its new portable Indigo80 Handheld Indicator, which is optimized for measurement in incubators, laboratories, cleanrooms, and life science facilities.

When used with Vaisala’s high-accuracy probes, the system aims to elevate monitoring capabilities with versatility and performance, improved usability, and robust data capacity. Designed for spot-checking, short-term data logging, field sampling, calibration, data analysis and diagnostics, the handheld solution can be connected to the Indigo product family’s suite of probes or compatible fixed measurement equipment to accurately measure critical parameters including relative humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, vaporized hydrogen peroxide and dew point. Resistant to chemicals and dust, the indicator enables users to log up to a month’s measurement data with 5.5 million memory points. Its lithium-ion battery can operate for 10 consecutive hours, and the user interface operates in 10 languages.

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