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August 2023

Automated Hemostasis System


Stago announces its Max Generation3 family of coagulation analyzers, including the STA R Max3 and STA Compact Max3. The analyzers deliver a combination of Stago’s viscosity-based detection system (VBDS) mechanical clot methodology and a comprehensive pre-analytical module that provides quality results with fewer interventions, fewer flags, and efficient, automated sample management. Stago’s new expert preanalytical check (EPC) is designed to provide pre-analytical sample integrity with checks for proper fill volumes, hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia in advance of testing, and requiring with no additional cuvettes, reagents, or plasma. The systems are powered by a Windows 10 operating system and are protected by cybersecurity safeguards such as user-rights management. The security of the system and privacy of data is designed to comply with international guidelines and to enable deployment of new applications that support laboratory management, such as remote expert support.

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