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September 2023

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Clinical Chemistry with Joe El-Khoury

The web series—Clinical Chemistry with Joe El-Khoury—is now available on YouTube, hosted by Joe El-Khoury, PhD, DABCC, FAACC, associate professor of laboratory medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. Offering educational entertainment by infusing science with comedy and focusing on improving laboratory medicine practices, the series comprises scripted episodes as well as interviews, featuring candid conversations with other experts in the laboratory field.

Currently available episodes include interviews with Dr. Alan Wu, from USCF, on traumatic brain injury markers; Dr. Nicole Tolan, from Harvard, on at-home testing; Dr. Eugenio Zabaleta from Ohio Health on nursing and lab culture; and Dr. Jason Park, from UT Southwestern, on scientific publishing and the rise of ChatGPT. Other episodes aim to answer questions from a variety of topics including ending pseudohyponatremia, redefining acute kidney injury, and discussing ALT Reference Intervals.

  • Clinical Chemistry with Joe El-Khoury
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