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March 2024

Fully Automated Modular Hematology Solution


HORIBA Medical announces the launch of the HELO 2.0 high throughput automated hematology platform. Designed in consultation with hospitals to address the needs of high-throughput, automated hematology operations, the system offers a flexible, modular solution that is scalable to configurations for mid- to large-scale laboratories. The technology embedded in the platform’s Yumizen H2500 and Yumizen H1500 hematology analyzers aims to ensure quality analytical performance, including the capability of 360-degree sample mixing without any required premixing. HELO 2.0’s data, tube management, waste, blood smear, and digitalization management capabilities are designed to optimize turnaround time (TAT), floor space, and reagent storage. With an eco-friendly goal of reducing environmental impact, the Yumizen H2500 requires just 6 reagents; fewer than the standard of 8 to 15. As such, the system helps reduce reagent waste, toxicity, and packaging.

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