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December 2018

QC for the TIBC Analyte

AUDIT MicroControls, Inc

AUDIT MicroControls, Inc announces a new addition to its line of calibration verification/linearity and daily quality control products: Linearity DROP LQ TIBC for Ortho Vitros, intended to simulate human patient serum samples for determining linearity, calibration verification, and verification of reportable range for the TIBC analyte. The Linearity DROP LQ TIBC for Ortho Vitros is a ready-to-use liquid product, consisting of five levels that demonstrate a linear relationship to each other when assayed for TIBC. This product has an open vial stability of 5 days when stored at 2-8°C. AUDIT MicroControls also provides Auditor QC, a free online, real-time data reduction program that offers Levey-Jennings charts and peer group analysis for daily QC product users, as well as linearity graphs and peer group analysis.

AUDIT MicroControls

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