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March 2021

LNâ‚‚ Monitoring System

Hampshire Controls Corporation

The MPS-LV from Hampshire Controls is a multi-probe alarm system for liquid nitrogen (LN2) liquid level monitoring and dewar vacuum breach detection. The flexible system offers individual-user, programmable alarm set points and delay periods for each probe. One probe is a cryogenic RTD sensor that detects the LN2 liquid level in a dewar or freezer by measuring change in resistance due to self-heating when the sensor element is no longer immersed in liquid. The other probe is a flat 100-ohm RTD sensor that is mounted externally on the dewar or freezer with an adhesive insulated strip so that the probe does not react to ambient temperature. In the event of a vacuum breach, the LN2 inside the container will generate a rapid decrease in the outer wall temperature, a catastrophic reaction that is captured by the exterior sensor, thereby initiating a local alarm. The system can be configured to monitor up to four freezers and is equipped for email alarm notifications and relay output to remote alarms, building automation systems, or automatic telephone dialers. Connect the MPS-LV to the Hampshire Controls alert monitoring system for historical storage of data and detailed reporting and graphing.

Hampshire Controls Corporation

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