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March 2021

Cold Storage Monitoring


The Sentinel monitoring system from Sensaphone can help maintain strict, ultra-cold storage temperature requirements. When paired with Sensaphone’s Ultra Low Temperature Sensor, the Sentinel system can monitor temperatures as low as -85°C (-109 °F). Delivering 24/7 remote monitoring of temperatures inside medical refrigerators and freezers, the system sends an alert via phone call, text, or email to designated contacts when the temperature has moved out of the desired range.

The system can track up to 12 different environmental and equipment status conditions, and users can monitor the freezer’s alarm panel for power outages. Enhanced data logging capabilities allow users to print, graph, or export reports via email, providing an audit trail of all user data activities. This function helps personnel maintain operational efficiency, uphold quality assurance, and meet regulatory compliance. By constantly communicating a signal to the Sensaphone cloud, the system’s online status is validated. If the communication link is interrupted, by a power outage or accidental shutoff, the system generates an alert to the proper staff members.


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