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April 2021

CLIA-testing Compliance Software


MedTrainer announces the release of LabComply, a cloud-based software package designed as a comprehensive resource for managing all aspects of CLIA testing. The software addresses common deficiencies found by CMS and accreditation organizations, such as staff competency assessments, QC and maintenance documentation, verification of standard operating procedures, and reagent, supply lot number, and expiration date tracking. Compliance with CLIA-waived testing can be challenging for organizations that were provided COVID-19 testing equipment and online training, and are seeking a method of managing those compliance requirements. LabComply aims to simplify the required compliance processes for any type of organization that utilizes CLIA-waived equipment. Features can be customized to suit the facility, and a dedicated success manager is assigned to new users to aid with startup.

  • MedTrainer
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