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April 2021

CRISPR-based Diagnostics and Biosurveillance Platforms

Mammoth Biosciences, Inc

Mammoth Biosciences has secured a subcontract with MRIGlobal to develop CRISPR-based diagnostics and bio- surveillance technologies. The program aims to create scalable and rapidly adaptable CRISPR-based diagnos- tics platforms to protect against future pandemics and biological national security threats, with the idea that rapid and affordable diagnostics and CRISPR are part of a future solution to these problems. The contract goals are to develop two devices: a handheld, disposable point-of-need (PON) device capable of detecting 10 pathogens at once, as well as a lab-based massively multiplexed detection (MMD) platform capable of screening clinical and environmental samples for more than 1,000 targets simultaneously.

  • Mammoth Biosciences
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