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January 2022

Red Fluorescent Intercalating Dye


Biotium announces the release of EvaRuby Dye for qPCR and high-resolution melt (HRM). As a spectrally unique red fluorescent intercalating dye, it can be incorporated into probe-based qPCR assays, expanding multiplexing options for these assays. The dye is compatible with ~470 nm excitation and ~610 nm emission filters and offers a longer Stokes shift of 480/613 nm (excitation/emission). EvaRuby Dye has minimal crosstalk in standard probe detection channels and enables the combination of dye-based and probe-based qPCR in a single reaction. The dye is validated for HRM analysis and may be used as an internal control for probe-based qPCR to detect non-specific amplification that goes undetected by target-specific probes. It is also suitable for singleplex qPCR, LAMP, and gel electrophoresis.

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