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May 2022

Temperature Data Loggers

CAS Dataloggers

CAS Dataloggers now offers Radionode data loggers. The RN400 family of compact, wireless data loggers includes models for temperature and temperature/humidity, with other models being prepared for future release. Offering WiFi connectivity, they can operate from an external DC power source with an internal battery backup. Data can automatically be uploaded to the cloud server or to a computer network. SD card support allows for local data backup, and the loggers feature a bright OLED display, power outage reporting, output for use with third party software, and data reports that can be emailed. The RN400-H2PS features an internal temperature and humidity sensor plus one input for an external NTC thermistor, and the RN400-H2EX features two external PT100 or type K thermocouple inputs plus a digital input for a door switch. The data loggers can be used for monitoring ambient environmental conditions, and for refrigerators and freezers used in a variety of laboratory applications.

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