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June 2022

Immunoassay for Rapid D-dimer Quantification

HORIBA Medical

HORIBA Medical announces that its novel hemostatic immunoassay, Yumizen G DDi 2, has been independently validated for the rapid quantification of D-dimer. Scientists have demonstrated it to detect venous thromboembolism (VTE) with accuracy, reliability, and solid turnaround time on HORIBA Medical’s Yumizen G800 fully automated hemostasis analyzer. The reagent kit is available for its line of Yumizen G hemostasis instruments and is designed to meet the needs of any laboratory. The dedicated coagulation portfolio includes the fully automatic Yumizen G800, Yumizen G1500, and Yumizen G1550, as well as semi-automatic Yumizen G200 and Yumizen G400 analyzers.

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