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June 2022

High-throughput, No-wash Assay Kits


PerkinElmer has introduced two new high-throughput, no-wash assay kits designed to quickly and easily detect and quantify CHO HCP impurities during biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Recombinant therapeutic proteins, such as monoclonal antibodies, some vaccines, and other biologics, must be free of residual host cell protein (HCP) impurities to prevent immunogenicity or reduced potency, stability, or overall effectiveness of a drug. The kits are designed for ready-to-use homogeneous, no-wash assays for the detection and quantification of CHO HCP impurities. The kits are designed to deliver a streamlined workflow, a broader dynamic range, and higher sensitivity than traditional multi-step ELISA assays. Additionally, they are automatable and can be miniaturized to a small sample volume, significantly increasing throughput to 384-well plates.

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