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October 2022

Refrigeration Line

Accucold Division, Felix Storch, Inc

Designed and purpose-built for laboratory, medication, and vaccination applications to support meeting CDC/VFC vaccine storage guidelines, the Pharma-Vac Performance Series from Accucold is optimized for efficient performance, providing stable temperatures while using eco-friendly natural refrigerants for a greener footprint. Its features include silver ion-coated handles for added protection against germs and microbes.

The series offers advanced temperature control, with the intelligent microprocessor using a buffered probe to simulate product temperature, and an air probe to control the temperature. The digital display provides the minimum and maximum temperatures over the course of operation, and optimized forced air cooling protects temperature uniformity with rapid recovery after door openings and product loading. Multiple alarms—including audible and visual alarms for high or low temperature excursions, selectable door ajar alarms, power failure alarms, sensor failure alarms, and remote alarm contacts—provide for safe storage. Offering energy efficient LED lighting with an internal on/off switch, a 1/2” probe port is included to accept user-provided monitoring equipment. The self-closing door offers added product storage protection. The system is environmentally friendly, with a natural hydrocarbon refrigerant for reduced global warming potential. Additional options include an NIST-calibrated digital data logger (DDL), keyless access lock, and full-extension ventilated drawers. The series comes with extended warranties.

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