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January 2023

Multi-Level Clinical Reference Materials

Verichem Laboratories, Inc

Verichem Laboratories announces the availability of ready-to-use, multi-level, clinical reference materials intended for use with toxicology assays on a wide array of diagnostic testing systems. The component materials and available concentration ranges include acetaminophen: 6.0 to 300.0 mg/L; lithium: 0.20 to 4.60 mmol/L and/or 0.50 to 5.50 mmol/L; and salicylate: 2.0 to 100.0 mg/dL. Designed for testing as patient specimens for the calibration verification of the intended components, all materials feature universal instrument compatibility, making them suitable for use on a wide array of wet chemistry analyzers. These formulations aim to eliminate time-consuming reconstitution procedures with a liquid, non-interfering matrix.

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