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October 2018

Automated Sample Prep Workstation and Assay Kit


SCIEX announces two new products: The Topaz Prep Station, an automated sample preparation workstation intended for labs managing high daily sample volumes, and the automated Vitamin D 200A Assay Kit. The Topaz Prep Station supports the Topaz LC-MS/MS System, a Class I Medical Device designed to simplify adoption for new mass spectrometry users, while still offering advanced functionality. The Vitamin D 200A Assay Kit is a locked, pre-validated assay that enables labs to perform vitamin D analysis in-house and employs automated sample preparation on the Topaz Prep Station to deliver accurate results. Together, these new devices enable clinical diagnostic testing labs to increase laboratory productivity, further reduce sample preparation times, streamline workflows, and provide more consistent and accurate results. In addition, the systems allow labs to handle large sample volumes and ensure continuous sample tracking via tube and plate bar code scanning.


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