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May 2019

Incubator Monitoring System

CAS Dataloggers

The Accsense monitoring system from CAS Dataloggers consists of three wireless data loggers and a gateway. Each data logging pod is capable of accepting six 4-20 mA inputs that are connected to two temperature and humidity sensors along with two CO2 sensors, allowing a single unit to monitor all three parameters for both incubators in the stack. The three pods communicate with an Accsense B1-06 wireless data logger gateway, which aggregates all of the data and uploads it to a cloud server, wherein users can configure alarm limits for temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels that trigger email, pager, or phone warnings to multiple designees. The cloud-based data storage and reporting enables staff to view and remotely access data in real time. Data also can be downloaded as a CSV file for use with a variety of database applications.

CAS Dataloggers

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