Ron Schneider, RPh, MHA

I look forward to the special State of Pharmacy Automation issue each year and find the various supplements interesting and effective.

Joanne Kowiatek, RPh, MPM

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products is a very informative publication as it provides information on the latest products available for improving medication safety and helping to ensure regulatory compliance. Thanks for being a great resource to pharmacists.

Rory Phillips, RPh

I want to compliment you on an excellent publication. Often I have an issue that I need to dig into more deeply and invariably, when I get your next publication, the issue is addressed.

Scott Waldrop, PharmD, BCPS

I scan PP&P for topics of interest, and find the articles on planning for the impact of future technology and regulations helpful.

John Clark, PharmD, M.S., BCPS

Every month PP&P's informative articles assist me in implementing new systems/programs.

Michelle Miller, CPhT

As a lead tech and buyer, I am a big fan Pharmacy Purchasing & Products. Every issue contains useful information. I commend for your work!

Angela Hoagland, PharmD

Pharmacy Purchasing & Products is probably the most helpful magazine I get.

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