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Streamline Hematology Automation to Offset Staff Shortages

June 2, 2023
Laboratory director Lisa Veri shares her institution’s experience in implementing and optimizing hematology automation to ease challenges from widespread staffing shortages.
       Lisa will outline how to maximize vendor relationships and establish best practices for system implementation, including troubleshooting.

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Conducting Proficiency Testing Under Staffing Constraints

June 10, 2022

Given the challenges associated with staffing shortages in the laboratory, certain strategies, along with technology and software, can assist in facilitating PT activities. In this webinar, Rochelle Odenbrett will discuss options for maximizing the value of PT while providing tips on how lab directors can get the most out of PT results with minimal staffing resources.

Case Studies in Revenue Management: Save Time and Money in the Lab

September 18, 2020

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, clinical laboratories were facing increased patient volumes, a rise in chronic illnesses, and an increasingly educated patient population demanding real-time information. Now, as labs transition to new ways of thinking and working, many are looking for strategies to properly manage the rising costs that result from these factors. Utilization management is key to maintaining revenue and reducing costs, and can be leveraged to gain institutional buy-in and visibility. This webinar uses case studies to illustrate these strategies, while breaking down the myth of the "high fixed-cost lab" as a barrier to action.

Procalcitonin Aided Antibiotic Stewardship: The New Paradigm

September 19, 2019

Mike Broyles, BS Pharm, PharmD addresses procalcitonin aided antibiotic stewardship, and reviewing current biomarkers used in the management of bacterial infection.

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