Stand Proudly On the Shoulders of Giants

May-June 2013 - Vol.2 No. 3 - Page #1

I want to begin by thanking all those who came by our booth at the CLMA KnowledgeLab in Orlando this past April. It was wonderful to put faces to names, to hear your insightful feedback, and to discuss the direction of this publication and how that direction can be honed to best suit your needs. It also was humbling to see the dedication and passion you bring to the practice of laboratory management, as well as your desire to continuously improve that practice. The keynote addresses from Drs. Laposata and Astion likewise were inspiring, and in my opinion contained the perfect balance of insight, motivation, and humor. We know how difficult and challenging it can be to strike that same balance in your day-to-day working lives, but it is encouraging to know you are not alone! 

Protecting the integrity of any health care endeavor is paramount for those that manage and operate specific areas of practice, and the medical laboratory is no different. However, as with many other areas of health care practice, the lab often is required, or compelled, to work with individuals and entities outside of its walls. Whether it be a consultant, marketer, waste handler, regulatory representative, or even other practitioners within your own enterprise, fostering a climate of personal and professional discipline, pride, and integrity is the cornerstone of safe and progressive operations. So whether you are currently focusing on improving quality control, mitigating areas of risk and liability, finding or managing staff, or expanding the role and presence of your lab in the community, MedicalLab Management will be there to connect you with thought leaders and experienced practitioners to help guide your own journey and light the path.

Blazing your own trail certainly can be admirable, but there is no shame in standing on the shoulders of giants. As one of my favorite authors once said, “The world to come must be composed of what is past. No other material is at hand.” 

With best regards,

David McCormick
Managing Editor


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