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May-June 2013
Volume: 2 Number: 3
Articles: 5

pg. 1
Stand Proudly On the Shoulders of Giants
pg. 2
Preparation Strategies for Regulatory Inspections
pg. 8
CPOE Initiatives in the Laboratory
pg. 14
Identify and Manage Clinical Laboratory Waste
pg. 19
New & Noteworthy
New & Noteworthy

Streck announces the availability of the 2.0 mL Cyto-Chex BCT, a direct-draw blood collection tube used for the preservation of whole blood samples for ... read more

Sarstedt’s 13x75 mm false-bottom tube features an elevated conical base that lifts serum and plasma yields to an optimum height for automated analysis. ... read more

Gold Standard Diagnostics (GSD) provides an extensive line of assays for parasites and worms, providing laboratories with a reliable, single-source procurement ... read more

CueSee VeriSTAT from Eurotrol is a series of quality control products for pH, blood gases, electrolytes, metabolites, and hematocrit that contain a blue ... read more

The Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay (MSIA) Tips from Thermo Fisher Scientific are a collection of sample preparation products designed ... read more

AUDIT MicroControls announces an addition to its line of daily quality control products—the AUDIT MicroLQ Serum Protein Control, 2 levels. This control ... read more

TempTrak version 5.0 is the latest release of Cooper-Atkins’ wireless monitoring software. This release includes new customizable viewing options, scheduled ... read more

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