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Buyer's Guide: ESR Analyzers
June 2018 - Vol. 7 No. 5 - Page #20

The Alifax automated ESR analysis systems from Sysmex are designed for workloads of all sizes, from small hospitals to large reference laboratories to core laboratories and satellite locations. The Alifax automated ESR system delivers increased productivity, efficiencies in laboratory labor utilization, and reduced turnaround times, along with improved patient outcomes and physician satisfaction.

Alifax technology is recognized by the CLSI guideline as an alternative method for ESR and is included in external quality assessment and proficiency testing programs. The Alifax system requires no reagents and no inventory management, and it can help users immediately optimize ESR testing while making the most of available resources. The patented Capillary Photometric technology generates results every 20 seconds. The Alifax ESR system provides fully automated, hands-off operation in a small footprint and processes the same whole blood EDTA and raised-bottom tubes from the hematology analyzer, helping to enable high-quality patient care and operational excellence in the laboratory.

From Sysmex
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The Starrsed ST from RR Mechatronics USA is an automated Westergren ESR analyzer with a small footprint. In full operation, the ST produces sample results up to every 30 seconds. After applying the sample tube for aspiration, the entire process is fully automated. A built-in bar code reader identifies each sample, then reports the results to the LIS. The ST eliminates the need to purchase pipettes and other disposables associated with the Westergren method, while also providing accurate results.

From RR Mechatronics USA
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The CUBE 30 Touch from Streck is an automated instrument for high-volume erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) testing in EDTA tubes. Offering ESR results directly from EDTA tubes without consuming the patient sample, the instrument is compatible with standard 13 x 75 mm K2EDTA tubes (1.5 to 4.0 mL sample volume). Its internal mixing function automatically prepares up to 30 samples per batch, and it features random access capability to add samples as space allows. In addition, it automatically prints and transmits results to the LIS within 20 minutes.

From Streck
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The Globe Scientific Sedi-Rate ESR is a completely closed system offering a high degree of safety when performing Westergren ESR determinations. Featuring shatter-proof plastic components, the Sedi-Rate ESR eliminates splashing, spraying, and aerosol hazards, making it easy to use in addition to offering accurate and reproducible results. The polystyrene Sedi-Rate pipette is graduated from 0 to 180 mm, featuring a unique fibrous plug located at the zero mark. The plug is specifically designed to be a self-sealing aerosol barrier that stops hazardous substances from escaping through the top of the pipette. The polypropylene Sedi-Rate vial features a self-sealing stopper that is easily pierced with a transfer pipette or piercing funnel. The vial is pre-filled with 0.25 mL of 3.8% trisodium citrate diluent. Simply add 1 mL of EDTA-treated blood to complete the 1:4 ratio as required by the Westergren method.

From Globe Scientific
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