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June 2018
Volume: 7 Number: 5
Articles: 6

pg. 1
A Focus on Staffing
pg. 2
Student Motivations in MLS Job Selection
pg. 10
Point-of-Care Testing and Quality Control
pg. 14
Buyer's Guide: Water Purification Systems
pg. 16
Sensitivity and Specificity of Malaria Screening
pg. 20
Buyer's Guide: ESR Analyzers
New & Noteworthy

BD announces the BD FACSymphony S6 cell sorter, a new platform that leverages the high parameter capabilities of the BD FACSymphony cell analyzer, providing ... read more

The HELIOS from AESKU is capable of both processing and analyzing patient samples in a single run. The FDA has just cleared automated Lupus and Vasculitis ... read more

Made of chemically inert borosilicate glass, Azer Scientific’s Culture Tubes offer fire-polished rims, and each bottom is well-rounded. The tubes ... read more

Heathrow Scientific’s 1L Mini Magnetic Stirrer delivers magnetic coupling between the stir bar and the unit, which includes strong rare earth magnets ... read more

The OHAUS portfolio of open-air and incubating shakers includes rocking models designed to aid in clinical applications, including sample preparation. ... read more

The American College of Physicians’ Medical Laboratory Evaluation (MLE) program provides reliable, user-friendly proficiency testing services for ... read more

Torrey Pines Scientific, Inc announces its new EchoTherm Model CO50 Programmable HPLC Column Chiller/Heater. It is ideal for chiral and biomedical chromatography ... read more

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