Microbiology Platforms

June 2021 - Vol.10 No. 6 - Page #12
Category: Microbiology Platforms

Much deserved attention is being paid to infection control and emergency management this year, and this places microbiology squarely on the forefront. Infection prevention and control, as well as antimicrobial stewardship, depend on precise, accurate, and rapid identification of pathogens and other organisms.

While today’s microbiology laboratories still rely heavily on skilled technologists, the clinical utility of microbiology is expanding, requiring more comprehensive and automated solutions. Clinical microbiology continues to transition toward automating traditionally manual processes, and once esoteric technologies are now being adopted in community hospital laboratories.

Just shy of a third (30%) of facilities are planning to acquire new microbiology platforms, a number that has remained fairly consistent over the last 4 years.

Of those facilities planning to acquire new microbiology platforms, 69% intend to do so within the next 3 years.

bioMérieux is garnering substantial consideration, while strong showings from Cepheid, BD, Beckman Coulter, Bruker, and Roche indicate a busy and aggressive market.


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