June 2021

New & Noteworthy

Digital Blood Cell Differential

Sysmex Corporation’s hematology instrumentation portfolio includes the DI-60 Integrated Slide Processing System and the CellaVision DM-series analyzers... Read more

Automated Two-Plate ELISA and Chemiluminescence Analyzer

Awareness Technology’s ChemWell 2 is an automated two-plate, microwell plate analyzer for ELISA and chemiluminescence assays. As a PC-controlled... Read more

KPM Analytics System with Benchmarking

Visiun’s laboratory analytics system, Performance Insight, introduces new benchmarking opportunities for productivity and cost per test that enable... Read more

Temperature Data Loggers

Traceable digital temperature data loggers are WiFi- and Ethernet-connected instruments designed for any product that requires a cold chain. They have... Read more

Multiplex Test Within COVID-19 Portfolio

The NeuMoDx Flu A-B/RSV/SARS-CoV-2 Vantage Test from QIAGEN is a 4-plex test that utilizes the high-throughput, automated testing capabilities of the NeuMoDx... Read more

Compliance Management Software

MedTrainer offers an all-in-one compliance management suite for laboratory education, compliance, and credentialing. The system’s latest enhancements... Read more

Chemistry Workflow Automation System

The DxA 5000 Fit from Beckman Coulter is designed for laboratories with space constraints, yet its scalability allows it to easily expand to accommodate... Read more

UniLine Casework Groupings

UniLine design from Hemco incorporates is designed to meet the laboratory’s needs. Standard welded steel with chemical resistant, epoxy powder coat... Read more

Microbiology Test Kit

Accelerate Diagnostics announces both the release of an upgrade to the Accelerate Pheno system, as well as the upcoming launch of a new Accelerate PhenoTest... Read more

PCR Test for COVID-19

Thermo Fisher Scientific announces the availability of a direct-from-saliva PCR test for COVID-19 to help enable widespread, high-frequency surveillance... Read more

Vial Holders

Vial Wranglers from Health Care Logistics are flexible silicone holders designed to accommodate 10 vials ranging in diameter from 15 mm to 18 mm, allowing... Read more

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