Hematology Analyzers Buyer’s Guide

September 2021 - Vol.10 No. 8 - Page #20
Category: Analyzers

The iSED from ALCOR Scientific, Inc

The iSED from ALCOR Scientific is a 20-position, fully automated ESR analyzer that produces results in 20 seconds using a 100 µL of sample taken directly from the primary EDTA tube. This small sample volume allows the iSED to be utilized for pediatric and low-volume samples. Primary tube sampling ensures sample and result traceability and decreases biohazard risk to the user. Results can be printed, saved to onboard memory, and/or transmitted directly to the LIS.

  • From ALCOR Scientific, Inc

Abacus 3CP from Diatron

The Abacus 3CP system from Diatron is a compact, benchtop, 3-part WBC differential analyzer that is capable of 60 tests per hour. It offers two sampling modes: a cap piercing mode for closed tube sampling and another for open tubes. With a large color touchscreen, it offers an intuitive user interface that is easy to follow. Designed for small laboratories, satellite clinics, and doctors’ offices, the system aims to provide reliable, safe, and accurate instrumentation that is easy to use. Other features include impedance measurement technology with advanced flagging algorithms, and clog detection and prevention with automatic system cleaning processes. Information can be uploaded from a USB or QR code with bar code reader, and it allows four levels of user access rights/authority. Further, the system automatically manages onboard reagent status and lot/expiration dates.Ab

  • From Diatron

Sight OLO from Sight Diagnostics

As Sight Diagnostics’ latest compact blood analyzer designed to improve the performance of complete blood count (CBC) tests, Sight OLO is FDA 510(k) cleared for use in moderately complex settings. With two drops of blood obtained from a finger prick or venous sample, the system digitizes each blood sample with more than 1000 high-resolution images to provide lab-grade CBC results for 5-part differential and 19 parameters in minutes. OLO runs on single-use cartridges and avoids liquid waste disposal and the need for washouts and reagents during sample collection. OLO requires no maintenance, necessitates minimal training for an operator with any level of experience, and integrates into LIS and EMR systems.

  • From Sight Diagnostics

DxH 900 from Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

Beckman Coulter’s DxH 900 is a high-volume analyzer that provides cross-disciplinary solutions to optimize workflow while incorporating clinical insights for improvement of patient care. The DxH 900 delivers results through proprietary VCS 360 technology, Data Fusion, and the enhanced Coulter Principle, while streamlining processes that maximize laboratory staff time via fewer slide reviews and minimal interference level from sample abnormalities. Up to three analyzers can be combined with a DxH Slidemaker Stainer II to create a system that is compatible with a full suite of workflow and clinical informatics products, including DxA 5000 lab automation, REMISOL Advance middleware, and DxOne Workflow Manager. The DxH 900 also makes available the FDA-cleared hematology biomarker, Monocyte Distribution Width (MDW), which can assist in making clinical decisions for patients at risk of sepsis and severe infection.

  • From Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

Abacus 5 from Diatron

The Abacus 5 system from Diatron is a compact, benchtop, 5-part laser WBC differential analyzer capable of 60 tests per hour. It offers two sampling modes: a cap piercing mode for closed tube sampling and one for open tubes, and can be enhanced by adding an autosampler and/or a small sample volume module. Designed to provide advanced technology that is reliable, safe, accurate, and easy to use, the Abacus 5 uses only 3 reagents to perform an analysis, plus a small volume of cleaner. The analyzer requires minimal maintenance, thus reducing its operational downtime. Capable of providing a complete 26 parameter report including optical determinations of the 5-part WBC differential count, it offers open- and closed-tube sampling options and has a 100,000-result database capacity.

  • From Diatron

The miniiSED Automated ESR Analyzer from ALCOR Scientific, Inc

The miniiSED from ALCOR Scientific is a single position, fully automated ESR analyzer that uses the same technology as the iSED, but in a smaller footprint. Producing results in 15 seconds, the system uses only 100 µL of sample taken directly from the primary EDTA tube. Results can be printed, saved to onboard memory, and/or transmitted directly to the LIS. With the small sample volume and increased turnaround time in a minimal footprint, the miniiSED can be used in small hospital laboratories, emergency rooms, specialty testing laboratories, and POLs.

  • From ALCOR Scientific, Inc

XN-Series from Sysmex Corporation

The XN-9100 scalable and modular automated hematology system aims to deliver decreased turnaround times while optimizing staffing efficiency. The system is designed to help laboratories maintain automatic workload balancing, with hands-free rerun/reflex testing and fully automated reflexive slide preparation. The system is configurable with a variety of instruments, including the XN-10 and XN-20 hematology analyzers. The XN-20 offers additional specific flagging of abnormal white blood cells, and the SP-50 Slidemaker/Stainer allows the laboratory to select the appropriate combination, based on workflow. The XN-9100 automation line can also be configured to include other devices such as a DI-60 Integrated Slide Processing System for digital imaging, ESR and HbA1c testing, and tube sorting.   

  • From Sysmex Corporation

DxH 690T from Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

The DxH 690T from Beckman Coulter is a mid-volume, benchtop hematology analyzer, built with technology designed to help laboratories deliver quick results for elevated levels of patient care. The system streamlines laboratory workflow with 93% first-pass yield, maximizes uptime with fewer QC steps, lowers overhead costs with fewer reagents, and provides clinical insights with FDA-cleared Monocyte Distribution Width, to help support clinical decisions regarding a patient’s risk for sepsis.

  • From Beckman Coulter Diagnostics


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