September-October 2014

New & Noteworthy

Bar Code Reader for Tube Racks

For laboratories with manual workflows that need an efficient, high-speed 2D bar code reader for tube racks, the LabElite I.D. Reader from Hamilton Storage... Read more

Combined Urinalysis Control

Streck introduces UA-Cellular Complete, a urinalysis control with both chemistry analytes and cellular components to more closely mimic a patient sample.... Read more

Immunoassay Control for Vitamin D Testing

The FDA has cleared Randox\'s Immunoassay Premium Plus quality control for use in US laboratories. A multi-analyte control, it combines 52 analytes, including... Read more

Line Immunoassay Technology for Lyme Testing

Gold Standard Diagnostics (GSD), announces new Line Immunoassay technology for Lyme confirmation testing, giving clinical laboratories an FDA-cleared option... Read more

Linearity FD General Chemistry

The Linearity FD General Chemistry (for Alfa Wassermann), 5 levels from AUDIT MicroControls is intended to simulate human patient serum samples for the... Read more

Mobile Centrifuge Controls

Avanti JXN-26 centrifuges from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences can be run from an Apple iOS or Android device using MobileFuge, a mobile application available... Read more

Occurrence Tracking Information System

Nouvation recently released an upgrade of its OTIS-Laboratory software system--OTIS 8--to help laboratories drive process improvement and comply with CAP... Read more

Proteinase-3 (cANCA) Native Auto-Antigen

The Binding Site announces the availability of a Proteinase-3 (cANCA) native auto-antigen for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD). Designed for use in solid phase... Read more

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