July-August 2015

New & Noteworthy

Automated Checklist

AccuCore announces the availability of its Lab Checklist Automation 5.5, which reduces time spent managing checklists and improves productivity by ensuring... Read more

Deviation Tracking Software

Nouvation releases version 9 of the OTIS-Laboratory and OTIS-Blood Bank software solutions that help laboratories, blood banks, and transfusion services... Read more

Emergency Shower/Decontamination Booth

HEMCO's emergency shower/decontamination booths are fully assembled and ready for installation to water supply and waste systems. The shower is molded... Read more

Flow Cytometer

Beckman Coulter announces that their automated Aquios CL flow cytometer received FDA clearance for use in the clinical laboratory. The small footprint,... Read more

Laboratory Thermometer

Streck introduces Temp-Chex Digital II, a thermometer built to withstand harsh environments with a temperature range appropriate for multiple applications.... Read more

Linearity Materials

AUDIT MicroControls, Inc, presents new additions to their complete line of calibration verification/linearity and daily quality control products. The additions... Read more

Multifunctional Centrifuges

NuAire announces the NuWind Multifunction Centrifuges, offered in both ventilated and refrigerated models. The large 2-liter capacity has a small footprint,... Read more

QC for pO2

Eurotrol's Hypoxic QC is ideal for lowering the reportable range of pO2 down to as low as 15 mmHg on any blood gas analyzer. The buffered hemoglobin matrix... Read more

Valveless Pumps

OEM Duplex Metering Pumps from Fluid Metering, Inc, consist of two valveless pump heads direct coupled to a single variable stepper motor drive. The pumps... Read more

Vitamin D Kit

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc, launches the BioPlex 2200 25-OH Vitamin D kit for use with the company's BioPlex 2200 system. The assay offers a fully automated... Read more

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