March 2018

New & Noteworthy

Blood Test for AMH Values

Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) values can be measured with a simple blood test. In females, AMH expression has been observed in granulosa cells of preantral... Read more

Cell Culture Filtration System

MilliporeSigma announces the Stericup Quick Release 500 mL vacuum filtration system, a filter bottle system ideally suited for sterile filtration of cell... Read more

Cloud Technology and Test Result Analysis

Accumen Performance Suite (APS) is a cloud-based technology solution designed to help hospital and health-system laboratories provide actionable insights... Read more

Mayo Laboratory Outreach Conference

Mayo Medical Laboratories presents its 30th Outreach Conference, being held September 18th and 19th in Rochester, Minnesota. Leveraging the Laboratory:... Read more

PCR Storage Rack

The Low Temp PCR Storage Rack from Heathrow Scientific offers a sleek and modern appearance plus a unique lid from which the rack slides out, then rotates... Read more

PCT LiquiColor Assay

The Stanbio Chemistry Procalcitonin (PCT) LiquiColor assay from EKF Diagnostics has been FDA-cleared and validated for use on Beckman Coulter AU 480, 680,... Read more

Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Techlab has received US FDA clearance for the CAMPYLOBACTER QUIK CHEK and the CAMPYLOBACTER CHEK tests, both of which aid diagnosis... Read more

Temperature Monitoring System

Rees Scientific's Continuous Automated Monitoring System is designed to monitor critical equipment with paramters including temperature, humidity, light,... Read more

Temperature Monitoring with Calibration Check

VersaTrak Automatic Node Calibration (ANC) offers a built-in calibration that can automatically perform a weekly, 4-point, temperature calibration check... Read more

Water Purification System

ELGA PURELAB Chorus provides high-purity water via a modular system that allows users to configure a customized solution based on application, budget,... Read more

Zika Assays and Micro Readers

Chembio Diagnostics announces it has been awarded a conditional Long Term Arrangement from UNICEF for purchases of the DPP Zika System, which is subject... Read more

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