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December 2020

Digital Microscopy Solution with Full Field PBS

Scopio Labs

Scopio Labs has been granted FDA clearance for its X100 digital microscopy solution with full field peripheral blood smear (PBS) application for assistance with in vitro hematology diagnosis. Using advanced computational photography imaging and tailored AI tools, the application gives clinical laboratories the ability to capture digital scans with a full field view of the monolayer and feathered edge at a 100x oil immersion resolution level. The full field PBS application utilizes adaptive monolayer identification in support of long and short smears and automates the analysis process by pre-classifying 200 white blood cells, providing platelet pre-estimate and enabling red blood cell (RBC) morphology evaluation. The system includes a three-slide tray and a decision support system (DSS) for pre-classification of WBC into 16 classes, RBC morphology evaluations, and platelet location and pre-estimate. With its fully digital automated scan and image acquisition system, the full field PBS offers in-slide navigation to specified locations, all through a Web browser interface.

Scopio Labs

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